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eric at kahklen.com eric at kahklen.com
Fri Sep 25 10:41:25 PDT 2009

Good point.  Unfortunately it is quite a chore to keep up with every Adobe
reader update using sneaker net :)  Thanks to Scott's recommendation on a
prior post, I'll be looking into System Center Essentials to hopefully
improve that headache :)



On Fri, 25 Sep 2009 10:35:37 -0700, "spam at tprophet.org" <spam at tprophet.org>
> It's hard to block zip and pdf without getting in the way of the
> business, even though these attachment types can carry malware. Your
> virus wall should scan these file types before passing them along - you
> can protect yourself beyond that by making sure users stay up to date on
> the Adobe reader, since it's ridiculous bloatware riddled with security
> vulnerabilities at this point. Users, in general, seem to be getting
> more sophisticated and they can be trained to pick up the phone when
> they're suspicious of an attachment.
> Some attachment types are always worth blocking, though--when is the
> last time that a legitimate .reg, .pif, .com, .exe, .cmd, .bat (to name
> a few examples) was sent in email? :)
> -TProphet
> eric at kahklen.com wrote:
>> We currently use a spam/av appliance at our gateway.  In addition, we
> also
>> check for attachment types and only allow certain types such as .doc,
> .pdf,
>> .xls....  At times, legitimate types such as zip files are blocked and
>> unfortunately there is no way to "whitelist" the sender with certain
> file
>> types so that they can get through to the end users mailbox.  In the
> past,
>> senders have renamed their attachment with a .txt file type.  Although
> this
>> is a convienent solution for the end user, it seems like an easy way to
>> circumvent the idea of attachment checking in the first place.  Do most
>> people still block attachment types? or do they rely on their AV
> scanning
>> software to quarantine/delete viruses and malware?
>> Thanks,
>> Eric
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