[SASAG] Rack doors & feet & other stuff for the taking...

branen salmon branen at 3tier.com
Thu Oct 22 14:50:03 PDT 2009

Hello, folks--

We have a bunch of equipment that we're about to take to the recyclers, 
and I figured I'd see if anyone else might have use for it before it goes.

We have...

   One internal DLT SCSI tape drive, DB-68 connector (used)
   A slew of 30A Edison to twst-lock adapters (new)
   About 60 heavy-duty Dell rack feet and assorted hardware (new)
   Two Dell rack side doors (new)
   A bunch of yellow fiber conduit, various lengths (new)
   A 1U ReadyNAS system (used)

You can find images at http://filehost.3tiergroup.com/PleaseTakeMyStuff/


   - Pay whatever amount for whatever you want; minimum bid is a penny.
   - Pay by cash, credit card, or company check.
   - You pick up between 9 & 5 within one week of bid.  (We're located
     in the Westin Building, 2001 6th Ave.)
   - Loading dock is first-come, first-serve.  We have a cart, but it
     can only go to the dock, not through the lobby.
   - You promise to recycle whatever you take if you don't use it.  (I
     suggest Re-PC or Total Reclaim.)
   - No warranties; everything as-is.  Sales are final.

I think the DLT drive works, but it's not tested.  The ReadyNAS mostly 
worked the last time I looked at it, but that was at least two years ago, 
and I think it's pretty lousy and probably not worth your time.  (If you 
want to get your headless SPARC h4xx0r on, though, you're welcome to it!)


Branen Salmon
Systems Administrator
3TIER, Inc.
2001 6th Ave, Ste 2100
Seattle, WA  98121


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