[SASAG] Q: Cascadia IT Conference tech sessions vs. tutorials

Lee Damon nomad at castle.org
Tue Jan 4 11:16:50 PST 2011

The conference is 2 days long. Think of it as 4 half-day sections.

On Friday your options are tutorial only, there are no tech sessions.

On Saturday you can pick between tutorial, tech, or (morning only)
unconference.  You can take a morning tutorial and go to tech sessions
in the afternoon or the reverse, or do two tutorials or full tech
sessions or go to the unconference in the morning and take a tech
session or a tutorial in the afternoon.

If you take 4 tutorials that's a full conference so there wouldn't be
any tech sessions/unconference.

The schedule for the tech sessions hasn't been posted yet as the
deadline for submissions is still a few days away (hint hint).  We'll be
posting the schedule sometime in early February, once we've had time to
review all of the proposals and work out the details.

co-chair, 2011 Cascadia IT Conference

On 1/4/11 11:04 , Dave Cohoe wrote:
> I'm a bit confused on what is being offered at the casitconf'11. I see
> that you can get 2 days of tutorials for $399, but there is also an
> option for 1 day of tutorials plus a day of tech sessions for $355.
> I'm trying to find out what the tech sessions are; I don't see them on
> the web site.
> When are the tech sessions and other talks taking place? If one is
> attending all 4 tutorials, will that leave time for any other talks?
> Thanks,
> Dave

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