[SASAG] Are you exempt?

tallpaul at speakeasy.net tallpaul at speakeasy.net
Sun Jan 16 17:51:58 PST 2011

I'm conducting an informal survey:
         * Are you classified as exempt (from having to be paid overtime)
         by your employer?

Your title would also be of interest to me, as well as how you are 
compensated (if at all) for being on call.

My only experience in WA state thus far has been at UW and my current 
employer. My recollection from UW (a state institution after all) is that 
many (most?) System and Network Administrators are titled "Sr. Computer
Specialist" and are classified as exempt. WA state seems to be slightly 
more restrictive than the federal Department of Labor:



I will post an anonymized summary of the results back to the list.


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