[SASAG] Exemption Survey Results

tallpaul at speakeasy.net tallpaul at speakeasy.net
Fri Jan 21 17:53:33 PST 2011

Thanks to everyone that responded!

21 People participants, including myself.

Direct Respondees:




 	4 (of which at least 2 are 1099)

Indirect Responses (former positions, cow-orkers):


 	67 (17 if you exclude one respondee at a large org with "50-60"
 		exempt compatriots)



Titles Include:

 	IT Director/Manager, (Sr) Systems/Network Administrator/Engineer,
 	(Sr) Computer Specialist, Web Application Developer, Computer
 	Support Analyst, Software Engineer

Organizations Include:

 	Large and small corporate, State (UW mostly) and local government.
 	No Feds. That would admit it anyway.

On Call Duty (aggregating current and former positions):

 	* Nothing (or in several cases, unstated)
 	* Paid for the pager
 	* Flexible Scheduling/Comp Time
 	* $20/weekday evening, $50/weekend, +$100 for site visit for
 	non-exempt staff.
 	* some additional pay
 	* Overtime if non-exempt - I presume this means that OT would be
 	paid only in the event of getting called, not for every hour on the pager.
 	* 0.5hrs/day of duty + 2 hours minimum per call
 	* 2 hrs minimum at time and a half
 	* $1.50/hr of duty, nothing additional per call

In retrospect I would probably have gotten tidier numbers had I used a 
survey tool, but the responses included a lot of interesting comments. 
Most of the comments I'm witholding to try and ensure the promised 
anonymity. A few notable things:

 	* One example of an acquaintance pressing for some (recent) comp
 	time reimbursement from an employer which was deliberately
 	trying to not pay it. The individual ended up getting 5 years of
 	back overtime reimbursement because: "they expected him to also
 	support users in addition to developing systems."

 	* Comments to the effect that the fun of the job makes it
 	worthwhile, even without overtime.

 	* Comments to the effect that being part of on call
 	rotation is "part of the job"

 	* Comments to the effect that being on call with a limited, or no
 	rotation is unpleasant.

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