[SASAG] Cascadia IT Conference - do you work at MicroGoogaZon? Know someone who does?

tallpaul at speakeasy.net tallpaul at speakeasy.net
Thu Feb 17 16:31:03 PST 2011

The Cascadia IT Conference Marketing Committee wants YOU! To help us 
market inside some of the larger tech firms in the area.

These organizations can/do have internal mailing lists, bulletin boards 
etc for exactly this sort of thing (as well as selling unwanted 
chinchillas, bowling hats and shoe racks).

A former Amazonite tells me there is an internal list that would almost 
certainly work for this called "Seattle Chatter." Not to mention putting 
up one of our fine posters on the cork board in the lunchroom!

Please send to:

 	casitconf-marketing at casitconf.org

Either your email address, or the email address of a friend of yours who 
is willing to relay a bit of marketing content (ie: an email, or a poster) 
to internal distribution at one of these orgs.

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