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Here are the draft bylaws.  Please reply and comment.  I will then 
organize all the comments and we can discuss at our April meeting 
(possibly even vote on them at the same time depending on the comments).



Article 1. Name
The name of this local chapter of the League of Professional System 
Administrators (LOPSA) shall be Seattle Area System Administrators 
Guild, herein referred to as the “Chapter”.

Article 2. Purpose
The Chapter is dedicated to the furtherance of all aspects of system 
administration as a profession. Through: education; development, 
contribution to and/or promotion of standards of practice and education; 
recognition; and published media, the organization furthers the scope of 
system administration and promotes activities that advance the state of 
the art and the community.

Article 3. Membership
Membership is open to anyone interested in the practice of System 
Administration and who agrees to abide by the requirements of these 
Bylaws.  At least 6 members must be current LOPSA members.  Membership 
in LOPSA is strongly encouraged, but not required.

Article 4. Officers
The Officers of the Chapter shall be: (a) the President, (b) the 
Vice-President, and (c) the Secretary-Treasurer.  These Officers shall 
perform those duties prescribed by these Bylaws, must be LOPSA members 
in good standing, and will encompass the Executive Committee. All 
Officers are elected for a term of one year, and may be re-elected.  The 
Officer duties are:

(a) The President shall preside over all general meetings and Executive 
Committee meetings, report to the President of LOPSA, enforce the 
Bylaws, and have general supervision over the affairs of the Chapter.
(b) The Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the President in 
the President's absence and assume the office of President should that 
office become vacant.
(c) The Secretary-Treasurer shall ensure that all financial books and 
records are maintained, record minutes of meetings, keep a roll of 
members, and send Chapter updates to LOPSA.

Article 5. Elections
Elections of the officers shall be conducted during the regularly 
scheduled May meeting and the officers will serve from May until the 
following April.  Nominations will be presented to the membership during 

All chapter members are eligible to vote.  A general meeting quorum is 
10 members or one half the membership, whichever is less.  Voting takes 
place at a meeting where a quorum is present and members must be present 
to vote.

In the event that any officer is unable to maintain his/her position 
during his/her term, the Executive Committee shall appoint an individual 
to maintain the position for the duration of the
term.  There are no term limits.

Article 6. Removal of an Officer
Any Officer may be removed by a referendum.  The referendum must be 
presented to the Executive Committee in writing (email ok) and will be 
considered during any regular or special meeting at which a quorum is 
present provided all members have been notified of the proposed 
referendum at least 10 days in advance of the meeting date.  A simple 
majoirty vote (at least 51%) is required to remove an Officer.  An 
Officer so removed shall not be eligible to fill any vacancy on the 
Executive Committee during the remainder of the Current Term, but shall 
be eligible to be nominated for future Officer positions.

Article 7. Meetings
This Chapter shall meeting monthly at a place and time determined by the 
Executive Committee.  Special meetings may be called by majority vote of 
the executive committee.  All meeting minutes will be available on the 
chapter web site within a reasonable time after a meeting.  Meeting 
minutes will include details on the next chapter meeting. These details 
will include, but are not limited to: Date; time; location and purpose 
of the next meeting.

Article 8. Committees
The Chapter may form various committees for the purposes of controlling 
the varied activities of the Chapter. Each committee leader shall keep 
regular records of its proceedings and report the same to the Chapter.

Article 9. Amendments to Bylaws
These Bylaws, except for this Article, may be amended by any member who 
is also a LOPSA member.  Amendments must be presented to the Executive 
Committee in writing (email ok), and will be considered for adoption 
during any regular or special meeting at which a quorum is present. This 
is provided all members have been notified of the proposed amendment at 
least 10 days in advance of the meeting date. The adoption of a proposed 
amendment shall require the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of 
all members who cast vote.

Article 10. Dissolution
If the Chapter should become dissolved, no part of the funds or property 
shall be distributed to or among the members. After payment of all 
indebtedness of the Chapter, its surplus and properties shall be 
forfeited to LOPSA.

Article ?. Membership Dues
Annual dues of _____ dollars shall be paid to the Chapter due at the 
first meeting of each calendar year.   All memberships shall expire at 
the end of the calendar year.

Currently I do not think we need the membership dues, but I wanted to 
make people aware that it is an option.

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