[SASAG] Seattle, WA hosts SANS Human Sensor Program-Hacker Detection for System, Administrators, June 13-14

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Thu Jun 9 16:18:15 PDT 2011

I am passing this on...

SANS is pleased to announce that Seattle will host our special course,
SANS 464:  Hacker Detection for System Administrators, on June 13-14.
This course is designed to help organizations combat advance persistent
threats.   The course is being offered in partnership with Attachmate
For complete course information and to register, please visit

Recent attacks on Google, RSA, HBGary, US DoD, and now Sony have proven
that traditional defense-in-depth measures such as Anti-Virus, Intrusion
Detection/Prevention Systems, and automated vendor monitoring solutions
do not provide sufficient protection against large scale and targeted

SANS has developed a course, Hacker Detection for System Administrators,
which focuses on getting your system administrators trained to serve as
a Human Sensor Network against unauthorized network access in your

The initial training is a 2 day class, with 9 hands-on labs, followed by
quarterly threat briefings which leverage the skills taught during the
first two days of class.   This continuous educational model allows you
and your organization to keep yourselves vigilant against the most
current threats, and know what to do when you discover a prolonged,
unauthorized access.  It happens to the best organizations.  The issue
is not how to prevent the attacks, but how to minimize the risk of large
scale, so called APTs.

The course is aimed security professionals together with system
administrators, help desk professionals and IT operations managers.


SANS Security 464:  SANS Hacker Detection for Systems Administrators

When:    June 13 - 14, 2011

Instructor: James Shewmaker - SANS Certified Instructor

Tuition:  $2195.00

CPEs:    12

"This course fills the gap that all other server administrative courses
lack; not only how to set it up securely, but the anomalies related to
the insecurities." - Richard Spanfelner, CA Franchise Tax Board


SANS has always promised that you will be able to use what you have
learned in the classroom as soon as you return to the office.
SANS Hacker Detection for System Administrators goes a step further,
providing quarterly threat briefing and tool updates as part of the
course curriculum, so that you can continue to leverage your new skills
to help identify, contain and combat cybercrime.

To become a part of this Human Sensor Network, register today to join us
in Seattle by going to (http://www.sans.org/seattle-2011-cs-2/).

Do you have 3 or more people attending this event from the same
organization? Get group discount information by contacting me at
sweil at sans.org

Please contact me at sweil at sans.org if you have any questions,
and thanks for your continued participation in the SANS community.

See you in Seattle!


Scott Weil
The Human Sensor Project
sweil at sans.org

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