[SASAG] 9/8 Meeting: Tape vs Disk duke it out for backup supremacy

Ski Kacoroski kacoroski at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 08:50:37 PDT 2011

Date:           September 8th, 2011
Time: 	        7pm
Place: 	        EE1 Building (Electrical Engineering)
                 Room 403
                 University of Washington Campus
Directions: 	http://www.ee.washington.edu/about/contact.html
Subject: 	Tape vs Disk duke it out for backup supremacy
Presenter: 	Lee Damon

We will start with a quick overview of the three categories of backups – 
fumble finger, Disaster Recovery, and archive. We will then look at the 
particular needs of each category of backup and why disk or tape might 
potentially be better or worse for each one. We will examine the 
relative costs-of-acquisition and costs-of-ownership. The talk will 
close with a very small degree of prognostication and a whole lot of 
rabble-rousing about the actual needs and reasons for backups/restores.

Lee Damon has a B.S. in Speech Communication from Oregon State 
University. He has been a UNIX system administrator since 1985 and has 
been active in SAGE (US) & LOPSA since their inceptions. He assisted in 
developing a mixed AIX/SunOS environment at IBM Watson Research and has 
developed mixed environments for Gulfstream Aerospace and QUALCOMM. He 
is currently leading the development effort for the Nikola project at 
the University of Washington Electrical Engineering department. Among 
other professional activities, he is a charter member of LOPSA and SAGE 
and past chair of the SAGE Ethics and Policies working groups, and he 
was the chair of LISA ’04 and co-chair of casitconf’11.


As always, there will be dinner sponsored by Silicon Mechanics. Check 
them out at http://www.siliconmechanics.com/

There will also be several CACert assurers present.

The meeting will be at the Electrical Engineering building on the
University of Washington Campus, aka EE1. Directions are linked to the
EE Department’s web site above. Parking is $5 after 5pm.

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