[SASAG] Cascadia IT 2012 Call for Volunteers

tallpaul at speakeasy.net tallpaul at speakeasy.net
Wed Oct 19 13:20:33 PDT 2011

Hi SASAG Members,

 	As mentioned in the last meeting, we need volunteers for Cascadia 
IT 2012. Work is already under way and a great deal of it happens before 
the conference. CASIT 2011 was a success thanks to our wonderful volunteers!

 	There are many opportunities from chairing or participating on 
a committee to day-of onsite help. Right now we are most interested in:

 	* Marketing. We have a fantastic Marketing Intern running
 	Marketing right now and she could use plenty of assistance getting
 	the word out.

 	* Sponsorship. We had some great sponsors last year, and this is a
 	great opportunity to help IT vendors give back to the community.

We are also taking names for:

 	* Content: Work with the chairs to select panels, talks and other

 	* Day-of: You can be a day-of volunteer and still attend and/or
 	talk at conference if you like. But obviously this is a great opportunity
 	for any non-SASAG friends and family and we promise to make it an
 	enjoyable experience for them.

Thanks in advance!


CASIT 2012 Co-Chair

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