[SASAG] Belkin OmniView KVM-Switch PRO2 PS/2...

Bill Levering idbill at planx.com
Thu Oct 27 14:22:30 PDT 2011

Our kvm seems to have fried.

When it is plugged in, it beeps every 2-3 seconds.
Holding the up/down buttons is supposed to reset it, but that doesn't  
solve the issue.

We have a full compliment of cables for it.


A) Does anyone have one of these to sell?


B) Does anyone want the cables (for free)?


Bill Levering
idbill at planx.com
KFP: 0C38 4D7E 5B50 94FE 992D  406D 6C81 DE33 5459 A1AC

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