[SASAG] Fwd: NFS server stumbling

Stuart Kendrick skendric at fhcrc.org
Fri Nov 4 11:29:24 PDT 2011

Hi Nyath,

There are three storage arrays involved, all accessed via Fibre Channel. 
  We are spending time now figuring out which volumes display the 'slow 
ls' behavior, and which LUNs from which storage arrays comprise those 
volumes ... this 'map' may well prove informative.

Hitachi:  NFS Server attachs to a small Fibre Channel network (a handful 
of Brocade switches, a couple dozen end-points ... the Hitachi array, a 
dozen hosts, some tape drives).

3Par:  NFS server attaches directly to the 3Par unit via Fibre Channel 
(no Fibre Channel switches here)

NetApp:  Separate NFS server, not mentioned in my post, but provides 
some of the volumes ... which may, or may not, exhibit the 'slow ls' 
behavior.  Stand-alone NetApp, i.e. the two heads share two little Fibre 
Channel switches, plus a few shelves of disks.


On 11/4/2011 6:08 AM, Nyath Maxwell wrote:
> How are you connected to to your array? Fiber Channel, iSCSI, SCSI?
> I have ideas as to to your problem but need to know the array fabric.
> Thanks and best of luck,
> Nyath
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