[SASAG] Looking for places I can tour with my class

Ski Kacoroski kacoroski at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 20:09:33 PST 2015


I am teaching a capstone system admin class at Bellevue college with 4 
students.  One of the goals of this class is to get the students 
exposure to what working system admins do and the environments they work 
in.  I would love to take the students on tours of some data centers 
where they can see and ask questions about what it is like to work in one.

So why do it.  First it is a great way to give back to the system admin 
community by helping new system admins learn and second, if you are 
looking to hire anyone soon, this will give you an inside track with 
these students who actually have a 4 year degree in system 
administration which something I suspect that most, if not all of us, do 
not have.

If you are interested and have time, please contact me directly.



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