[SASAG] Seattle Times has a new Website

Meryll Larkin alwanza at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 20 09:15:24 PST 2015

http://seattletimes.com The Seattle Times is one of the few remainingindependently owned Newspapers in the USA, owned by the  Blethen familyhttp://kuow.org/post/frank-blethen-seattle-times-accidental-publisher It contains regional (Pacific Northwest) and USA nationalnews.    I work there. Other than being overworked,  itis an awesome place.  
 Please check out our new website (link above) andmobile apps.If you like them please pass on the information.If there is something you think can be improved,let us know.If you have an idea for it also let us know. The Tech section is hidden behind the Businesssubheader  (I've alreadycomplained).  If you agree, please letthem know. We are a smaller company than you would imagine by seeingour Newspaper or our Website and every comment gets read and intelligent argumentsget read and get attention. thanks,Meryll Larkin  
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