[SASAG] Seattle Times has a new Website

Paul Graydon paul at paulgraydon.co.uk
Fri Feb 20 09:56:22 PST 2015

I like it, it looks really good and is nice and has excellent use of 
responsive design principles (try shrinking the width of the page and 
see what happens!) :)

Just a quick useful tool I discovered recently: 
It has some good suggestions for the site.

A couple of additional notes, which is more about the mobile 
experience.  The experience from Google and a fair number of websites is 
that people are ridiculously impatient and engagement figures drop if 
the site takes more than a second or two to load, even on mobile 
devices.  While 3G and 4G provide impressive transfer speed, latency is 
a whole other story.  With both of them you're talking typically between 
90-150ms latency on every request, combined with lower processing and 
caching capabilities on the devices.  To provide the best mobile 
experience possible, you want to reduce operations that require extra 
requests. According to yslow mobile you're pulling in content from 24 
different domains, each of which will require a DNS lookup to be done by 
the phone (so that's up to 3600ms waiting for DNS responses alone, 
though obviously there will be a good element of parallelism there)    
You're also pulling in 18 javascript files, each of which will incur the 
overhead of starting the interpreter on the phone.  While that's not so 
bad on desktop machines, mobile devices don't have the same power.


On 02/20/15 09:15, Meryll Larkin wrote:
> http://seattletimes.com
> The Seattle Times is one of the few remaining independently owned 
> Newspapers in the USA, owned by theBlethen family
> http://kuow.org/post/frank-blethen-seattle-times-accidental-publisher
> It contains regional (Pacific Northwest) and USA national news.
> I work there.Other than being overworked,it is an awesome place.
> Please check out our new website (link above) and mobile apps.
> If you like them please pass on the information.
> If there is something you think can be improved, let us know.
> If you have an idea for it also let us know.
> The Tech section is hidden behind the Business subheader(I've already 
> complained).If you agree, please let them know.
> We are a smaller company than you would imagine by seeing our 
> Newspaper or our Website and every comment gets read and intelligent 
> arguments get read and get attention.
> thanks,
> Meryll Larkin
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