[SASAG] ALM Forum 2015 Ticket

Jason Alinen jason at nwtechalliance.com
Tue Apr 28 07:47:38 PDT 2015

Hey Everyone,

Would anyone from SASAG like a ticket to the ALM Forum this year?

More details can be found on the conference website -

We are trying to start a live streaming business for conferences and would
appreciate any hardware and or services to help us accomplish streaming 6
rooms with our partner Invictus Media. http://invintus.com/invintus-about/

We are looking for a barter/trade for the ticket ($2k)

The DevOps track will explore topics like:

   - collaboration between developers, operations and other contributors to
   the value stream
   - automation of provisioning, configuration and application deployment
   - monitoring and metrics driven feedback loops
   - balancing risk strategies (minimizing incidents vs minimizing the mean
   time to recover)
   - fully automated development, test and production pipelines
   - deploying and operating micro services
   - cross functional information radiators and cultures of sharing

At your service,

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*Jason Alinen *

t:  (206) 605-7494
e: jason at nwtechalliance.com
w: NWTA <http://www.nwtechalliance.com/> (Enterprise) - StartupBellevue
<http://www.startupbellevue.com/> (Startup)

Schedule some time with us below!
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