[SASAG] Training for Industry needs and standards.

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Just adding my two cents having been at large medium and small orgs for some years now. These are technologies I’d gathered the last 8 years from working as a Linux admin at a mid size e-commerce company, a small mobile API startup, and now a Linux/Windows admin Microsoft Research. Fairly well rounded.

  *   You may want to consider adding Chef to the configuration management suite. The company that makes it is even local (now called Chef, was Opscode) and you could possibly look into having them sponsor. Only thing is that a prereq for this class would be some basic Ruby knowledge. The folks that run it are very enthusiastic about the devops movement.
  *   Logstash and/or Kibana are are very useful and interesting tools for log monitoring and graphing. Probably harder to get training for those than Splunk.
  *   Graphing: You may want to have a Graphite class, or maybe introduce Ganglia and/or MRTG.
  *   +1 For Zenoss. Yes even the software maker in Redmond has been known to use it.Speaking of, also throw Active Directory in there. It’s still the standard, and the easiest to deploy. Yes I know lots of people on the list have cobbled together LDAP+Samba but honestly those deployments are exceptions.
  *   Microsoft Storage Spaces may be interesting if you wanted to throw in a SAN-like product that doesn’t require buying a SAN, but it’s very new.
  *   Also in the Microsoft camp would be Powershell for scripting.
  *   Using bare metal install tech, figuring out PXE booting, etc is a pretty important and OS agnostic skill to have. I won’t recommend one because every one I’ve used is awful.
  *   Also something around backup concepts (again pick your poison). Every product out there does generally the same thing. I suppose you could torture the students with Bacula.
  *   Given this day and age I’d also throw in “cloud training”. It would be essential for any SA starting out. AWS would be the standard here, though you could look at Azure, or have them compete to give your school some discount pricing for educational purposes.

Hope this helps!


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Hello SASAG Friends,

**YOUR EXPERT KNOWLEDGE of what Industry training is NEEDED***

I have recently become a student member of the Edmonds Community College’s CIS (Computer Information Systems) Advisory board.

It's come to my attention that EdmondsCC (EdCC) could use help in receiving feedback from us about technologies we are currently/previously used so EdCC could either update an existing class like a Cisco Class to include such tech as OpenSwitch or add a certificate class for Puppet configuration.

I would appreciate it if you could take a minute to respond with what technologies (and job role) you are working with that would be great to have taught in a class rather than self-taught or on the job experience.

I will start the conversation with the below that I am familiar with as a Linux Admin/Engineer role:

Python, Perl, and curl, for scripting

CFEngine (lots of company still have this because it’s been around so long), Puppet (this is the new hotness), and Jenkins for configuration management.

OpenSwitch for virtual switches also VMware virtual networking is on the rise at companies that have VMware.

VMware – Setup & configure vCenter for a virtual environment along with using vSphere to manage day to day admin/user tasks.

Monitoring tools such as: Solarwinds (used mostly for Networks teams to monitor network gear), Zenoss (Nintendo uses this for their entire computer infrastructure), Nagios (this is older tech, but still used), and VROPS (VMware’s monitoring solution).

Thank you for your time and info!!

Hopefully this will generate some new certificate courses or update existing ones based on your comments!!! 😊

Have a great week ahead and see you at the next SASAG meeting!
-Jesse Moore
(UW Medicine ITS)
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