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Glenn Stone technoshaman at liawol.org
Fri May 22 08:28:54 PDT 2015

On Thu, May 21, 2015, at 09:15 PM, Kristopher Zentner wrote:
> Just adding my two cents having been at large medium and small orgs
> for some years now. These are technologies I’d gathered the last 8
> years from working as a Linux admin at a mid size e-commerce company,
> a small mobile API startup, and now a Linux/Windows
 admin Microsoft Research. Fairly well rounded.
>  * You may want to consider adding Chef to the configuration
>    management suite. The company that makes it is even local (now
>    called Chef, was Opscode) and you could possibly look into having
>    them sponsor. Only thing is that a prereq for this class would be
 some basic Ruby knowledge. The folks that run it are very enthusiastic
 about the devops movement. Mmm, I have been increasingly up to my
 eyeballs in Ansible of late... more than just a config manager, it's a
 full-house automation tool. It's agentless (the only client
 dependencies are ssh and python-simplejson, and in a pinch you can run
 without json, though it seriously hampers things), readable,
 role-based, and is real easy to learn. (Put it this way: I messed with
 puppet for a couple months off and on and never really got my head
 around it. I had Ansible doing hello world in an hour and hitting
 everything I had in a week.)

And now they've got it hitting PowerShell on Windows...

If there were a local class on it, I'd take it.

-- Glenn
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