[SASAG] Advice for a student with vision issues

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Wed Jul 22 18:10:31 PDT 2015

Consider Emacspeak.


This is mostly the work of T. V. Raman -- himself
blind since childhood, now working for Google.

I live inside of Emacs for systems
administration, programming and everything else.

The Emacs model of doing everything consistently
everywhere makes good sense in general and likely makes
a lot of sense for the visually impaired.

My own use of Emacspeak has been in the context of
adding voice to emacs. In that context there may be
better layered options (other than emacspeak) as

But for the visually impaired, I'd suggest
sticking with Emacspeak.

So, even for those who can't see the answer is
Emacs. :-)

Mohsen BANAN
http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net   (A Libre-Halaal Internet Service)

>>>>> On Wed, 22 Jul 2015 17:08:40 -0700, Ted Cox <ted.m.cox at gmail.com> said:

  Ted> Hello! I just got the email below from Seattle Central and thought that SASAG
  Ted> might have some advice:

  Ted> I have a student that is very interested in becoming a Linux administrator; he
  Ted> will have some challenges due to deteriorating eye sight and so I'm reaching
  Ted> out to see if you might know of another Linux guru that also challenges with
  Ted> disability, particularly eye site, or can suggest any toolsets that would make
  Ted> the technology smoother.
  Ted> Any reference or suggestion you can provide is greatly appreciated - thanks so
  Ted> much!!

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