[SASAG] Announcing 'AaaS' - 'Acronyms as a Service' :)

Mike Schuh schuh at farmdale.com
Wed Aug 12 15:47:01 PDT 2015


Offered for your, ah, sober consideration.  Inspired by reading about
'DaaS' (Data as a Service) - how clever, I thought, package up ones and
zeroes, offer them for sale.  While DaaS actually can make sense -
provide similar sets of data (e.g., bus schedules) from different
sources (transit agencies) in a standardized form (e.g., GTFS [1]) to
multiple consumers - the idea of putting a sophisticated sounding label
on a product, in particular a label that leverages other look-alike
labels, attracted my attention as only target rich satire subjects can.

It turns out that 'DaaS' is overloaded ('Data' and 'Desktops'),
suggesting that the 'as a service' arena is already bumping up against
resource limits (i.e., a finite alphabet).  Perhaps we need ISO
involvement to keep the situation under control.

Currently I am exploring the possibilities provided by 'UaaS' - "Users
as a Service".  I'll bet there's real money in that ... the virtual
users could use the virtual desktops.  Unfortunately, how this would
work in practice is unclear (which is to say, cloudy).

I plan to be at tomorrow evening's meeting and can attempt to answer
inquiries regarding AaaS.



Mike Schuh
Seattle USA
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