[SASAG] Announcing 'AaaS' - 'Acronyms as a Service' :)

John N. cabal at uw.edu
Thu Aug 13 15:53:56 PDT 2015


I can point you in the direction of a marketing firm we pay large sums of money too for this 'service'.  Not satire at all...
Of course, they secure appropriate domain names, handle business licenses, file trademarks, and all the other accoutrements that comes with 
starting up a hip new company or product.

In all seriousness, they might need better tools, marketing people are often not the best at automation....

'If you write it, they may come...'


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On 08/12/2015 03:47 PM, Mike Schuh wrote:
> SASAGers,
> Offered for your, ah, sober consideration.  Inspired by reading about
> 'DaaS' (Data as a Service) - how clever, I thought, package up ones and
> zeroes, offer them for sale.  While DaaS actually can make sense -
> provide similar sets of data (e.g., bus schedules) from different
> sources (transit agencies) in a standardized form (e.g., GTFS [1]) to
> multiple consumers - the idea of putting a sophisticated sounding label
> on a product, in particular a label that leverages other look-alike
> labels, attracted my attention as only target rich satire subjects can.
> It turns out that 'DaaS' is overloaded ('Data' and 'Desktops'),
> suggesting that the 'as a service' arena is already bumping up against
> resource limits (i.e., a finite alphabet).  Perhaps we need ISO
> involvement to keep the situation under control.
> Currently I am exploring the possibilities provided by 'UaaS' - "Users
> as a Service".  I'll bet there's real money in that ... the virtual
> users could use the virtual desktops.  Unfortunately, how this would
> work in practice is unclear (which is to say, cloudy).
> I plan to be at tomorrow evening's meeting and can attempt to answer
> inquiries regarding AaaS.
> :)
> [1]
> http://beyondtransparency.org/chapters/part-2/pioneering-open-data-standards-the-gtfs-story/
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