[SASAG] Jobs at ExtraHop Networks: Sr. Systems Administrator

Bri Hatch bri at ifokr.org
Tue Oct 6 11:04:41 PDT 2015

It's that time again folks - the growing my IT team at ExtraHop Networks.[0]

I've got an opening to expand our Systems Engineering group, looking for a
solid Sr. Systems Engineer. The job description is at


This is my *official* opening currently, but we're always looking for great
people who may not match what is officially listed. If you think you are a
fit for a fast-moving and fast-growing company that builds an amazing
product[1] then please visit our jobs page at


(Look under "Engineering")

Do note, however, we plan to never have a need for a Backup Tape Monkey.
Geesh, this ain't the 1900s anymore.

Thank you for your time.

[0] Several previous rounds of expansion happened w/o me remembering to
post here. My bad.

[1] The ExtraHop platform has been described as the "Google Earth for your
Network". With zero configuration it delivers visibility into your network
and applications by slurping up the wire data. If you do want to customize
things, then a few lines of javascript-like code ("triggers") can let you
implement all your business-specific logic. Wondering if you have
experienced Shellshock attacks? We've got a free bundle you apply in
minutes. Want to splice and dice the data in a different way? Use our API,
send the data to MongoDB or Elasticsearch via our Open Data Stream
protocols, or to generic syslog of choice. This geek's attempt at marketing
is now concluded. Get back to coding, y'all!
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