[SASAG] Comcast & IPV6 + Dlink router

Bill Levering idbill at planx.com
Mon Nov 9 15:23:42 PST 2015

So… I upgraded to a D-Link DSR-250 router and was hoping to get IPV6 working.

It appears that the router is getting an IPV6 address, and I can ping IPV6 addresses from it, but I can’t reach anything from my Mac.

Comcast support tells me that they don’t support IPV6!

All the D-Link pages I’ve found don’t show 1/4 of the options I have available to me.
Such as:
 - IPV6 WAN settings
 - IPV6 LAN settings
 - Router Advertisement
 - Advertisement Prefixes
 - Prefixes for Prefix Delegation

My gateway appears to be: 

which makes me think it is hitting localhost on the router.

I think it is probably something in my config, but I don’t know where to start.

Any ideas?

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