[SASAG] Comcast & IPV6 + Dlink router

bryanlockwood at gmail.com bryanlockwood at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 20:48:45 PST 2015


I am out in Monroe and Comcast residential IPv6 has been working well for me for 2+ years now. So well that I forget what steps I went through to configure it! Half of which would be useless anyway as I use different hardware than you. But I can give some suggestions:

1) Make sure your cablemodem is one of those on the approved list at http://mydeviceinfo.comcast.net/. Be sure to look for the checkmark in the IPv6 column!

2) This is much easier if you have a 'dumb' cablemodem as opposed to one of the gateway devices that is modem and router (and sometimes wireless access point) all in one. 

3) Your goal is to receive an autoconfiguration IP from Comcast that starts with their 2601: prefix. As several others have noted, the fe80:: link-local address won't route out to the internet.

4) I had a glance at D-Link's docs for the DSR series. Specifically I was looking at section 3.2.6. From what I can see, you should goto the Advanced-->IPv6-->IPV6 WAN1 Config page and select "DHCPv6 Client"  under "Internet Address" .. then you may need to try either of the 'stateful' or 'stateless' radio buttons.

Good luck!

On Mon, 9 Nov 2015, Bill Levering wrote:

>So? I upgraded to a D-Link DSR-250 router and was hoping to get IPV6 working.

>My gateway appears to be: 

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