[SASAG] Comcast & IPV6 + Dlink router

Bill Levering idbill at planx.com
Tue Nov 10 15:53:39 PST 2015

Maybe someone can shed light on this, with more info.

I’m getting an IPV6 assignment of:

but on the IPV6 LAN settings page, under TCP/IP Setup, it asks for the IPV6 Address. ?

I thought that the address assigned to me via the ISP is the address that the router would be… and the 1st 4 segments (aka 64 bit prefix) would be shared among all the devices on my network, with the last 4 segments self assigned using various info and the mac address of the network card. With this in mind, I put the address above in the setting field.

If this is not the case, then what IPV6 address should I use? (The router default is fec::1 )

I have DHCPv6 enabled as ‘stateful’, which appears to be the only way that the IPV6 dns gets propagated to my machine.

And the RA daemon is enabled with only the ‘Other’ flag on.

I don’t have any Advertisement prefixes added because I assume that whatever matches the Router address would be advertised.

Only if I add an Advertisement prefix does an IPV6 address get assigned to my machine… but I still get a link-local router address.


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