[SASAG] Cancelled: SASAG This Thurs. Still need speakers!

Paul English tallpaul at engmooski.net
Mon Feb 11 11:41:28 PST 2019

Hi Folks,

 	I've lost my appetite for challenging the weather, AND this 
Thursday is Valentine's day AND we don't have a speaker this month. So it 
seems like a good idea to cancel!


 	Lest you worry that we have no real human being talks in the 
queue, we've got *three*. However, we're still trying to figure out dates 
that these particular speakers can speak.

In the queue:
* Speaker: Carl Riches. Topic: <infrastructure migration? - sorry, fuzzy 
* Speaker: Lee Whalen. Topic: Kubernetes. <I'm a little blurry on the 
details, but I think this was "an actual deployment">
* Speaker: Atom Powers. Topic: Terraform  TENTATIVELY April 11

BUT WE NEED MORE! Specifically - one for March would be good ASAP.

You'll note, we've got nothing officially in the queue for March!


 	I'm *still* working on free downtown space. I've submitted 
requests for 1st Weds for May & June at WeWork SLU (Yale Ave). With some 
luck, we'll use Atom's (downtown) office for his talk as a one-off. Any 
help appreciated. I sent Galvanize a request through their web page, and 
haven't heard peep back. Anyone know someone there we can ask directly?

Our parameters are:
* Space for up to 25
* 6:30p-9p to allow time for setup early arrivals, food delivery, and talk
* Mon-Thurs eve, any day-of-month

* allowed to bring in catered food

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