[SASAG] April & May SASAG Cancelled. LFNW April 26-28. June SASAG ?

Paul English tallpaul at engmooski.net
Mon Apr 8 15:44:26 PDT 2019

==== April ====

 	I have a reservation for Skyway this Thursday, but *everything* 
else got away from me and I can't attend it myself. If you want to show up 
at Skyway this Thurs and talk SASAG stuff with whoever else shows up let 
me know by Weds eve and I'll keep the reservation for you.

==== LinuxFest Northwest is April 26-28 ====

I'll be speaking, and tabling the rest of the weekend. I hope you can join 
- it is always a *great* event. And free!

==== May ====

 	I have WeWork SLU (500 Yale Ave N) booked for Weds May 1st. But, 
due to travel I can't organize it, AND I can't attend this date either. 
Anyone (who has done SASAG organizing before) got time to run with this? 
(Note: organize must be there by 5:30pm to get a keycard to be able to let 
people in!). Let me know

 	BY THIS SUNDAY April 14th

and I'll keep the reservation, otherwise I'll release this one.

NOTE: It should also be quite possible to book Skyway for 2nd Thursday as 
normal, but I'll be out of town so someone else should do it. You may find 
it easier to book Skyway if you start your reservation at 7pm, even though 
6:30 is preferable.

==== June ====

 	I have WeWork SLU booked for Weds June 5. However, I've got a 
conflicting event (and every other Weds, all summer long!).

Same question as May, same deadline - Sunday April 14th.

 	In this case, I believe I have time & availability to simply book 
Skyway for the 2nd Thursday and manage food and speaker (or Lightning 
Talks, or video), _OR_ just do another dinner closer to transit in 

==== July ===

 	WeWork is available for many Weds nights in July. Unfortunately 
I'm booked for all of them. If you want to run with this, it would be best 
if you had a Meetup.com organizer account (free via our affiliation with 
LOPSA), and have organized a SASAG before!

 	Otherwise it'll be a 2nd Thursday at Skyway, OR a dinner closer to 
transit in Seattle.

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