[SASAG] Remember Sysadmin Day - Friday 7/26

Paul English tallpaul at engmooski.net
Wed Jul 24 12:25:06 PDT 2019

Please remember Sysadmin Day this Friday 7/26!

Tell your co-workers - not necessarily so that *you* can get kudos if 
you'd rather stay under the radar (and many of us do!), but so 
that your sysadmin-co-workers can! And future generations of sysadmins at 
your workplace can! And so that people are aware of the work we do, the 
budgets and people-effort required and so many other reasons.

If you're the only sysadmin - consider buying a treat for the office... 
and try to expense it. This will remind your manager of the importance of 
acknowledging his team, the work we do, and budgeting people-time and 
money for sysadmin work! It has worked for me (as a sysadmin manager of 
sysadmins TBH).

[post note: we had a SASAG get-together last Thurs which was a lot of fun! 
Thanks JP for organizing!! I've been sick and unable to organize a lunch 
meet-up for Sysadmin day - and now it seems too late. But if you want to 
organize one, go for it!]

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