[SASAG] Does SASAG as it exists now have value to anyone?

Lee Whalen law at fuzzy-logic.org
Fri May 29 12:50:46 PDT 2020

It is a challenge for /any/ org whose main draw is 'local meetups and 
lectures' to maintain an active community today in the time of COVID.  
I've also noticed the various IRC channels getting quieter and quieter - 
whether that's folks being a bit too focused on 'life in The 
Outside(tm)' or indicative of a dead/depleted membership is up for 
debate.  However, an argument could also be made that, in these times, 
the whole 'fire up an IRC client' thing is just enough friction to keep 
otherwise-interested folks at bay.

  In the interest of reducing friction, and accepting that many 
dayjob-type orgs are on Slack these days, I'd like to extend an invite 
to the Devops Engineers Slack community at http://s.bl-1.com/h/cSjD1kFh?url=https://devopsengineers.com

   The community is moderated (I'm one of the mods!), healthily active, 
and is a good mix of tech-focused conversation and fun nonsense.

   Slack-the-software certainly has its flaws (non-open, limited history 
for non-paying accounts, owned/controlled by a central company, etc), 
but "friction" isn't one of them.  I love IRC, I intend on staying 
logged in with it, etc, but I also enjoy occasional community-focused 
chat where I don't have to constantly re-login to my IRC bouncer, among 
other minor headaches.

   Anyway, if any of the LOPSA/SASAG folk are interested - c'mon in, the 
water's fine.  Hope to see you there, or on the IRC channel, or even 
(dare I say it...) in The Outside(tm) sometime soon!

--Lee Whalen
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